Saline County Sheriff’s Booking Report for 9-10-12

Name: Klaurens,Ashley Nicole                    DOB: 12-23-1985
Eyes: Blue   Hair: Blonde or Strawberry   Sex: Female   Race: White   Ht: 62   Wt: 99.0
Address: 610 S 2ND ST    City: Salina    State: Kansas
Booking Date: 09-10-2012   Booking Time: 10:45:00     Block:  Cell:  Bed: 
Release Date:        Release Time:
Charges Description
Driving While Suspended Bond 500.00
No Proof Of Insurance

Name: Kraft,Dustin Dale                    DOB: 10-12-1985
Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black   Sex: Male   Race: White   Ht: 68   Wt: 149.0
Address: 516 E KIRWIN AVE    City: Salina    State: Kansas
Booking Date: 09-09-2012   Booking Time: 17:50:00     Block:  Cell:  Bed: 
Release Date:        Release Time:
Charges Description
Criminal damage to property; Without consent value < $1000 Bond 1000.00
Probation Violation

Name: Myers,Wesley Dale                    DOB: 05-29-1964
Eyes: Brown   Hair: Brown   Sex: Male   Race: White   Ht: 70   Wt: 164.0
Address: 737 FAIRDALE RD Apt 1I    City: Salina    State: Kansas
Booking Date: 09-09-2012   Booking Time: 14:15:00     Block:  Cell:  Bed: 
Release Date: 09-10-2012       Release Time: 11:03:02
Charges Description
Failure to appear Bond 500.00

 Parsons,Heath Austin                    DOB: 02-16-1983
Eyes: Hazel   Hair: Brown   Sex: Male   Race: White   Ht: 67   Wt: 196.0
Address: 227 S 5TH ST    City: Salina    State: Kansas
Booking Date: 09-10-2012   Booking Time: 04:59:00     Block:  Cell:  Bed: 
Release Date:        Release Time:
Charges Description
Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs; Unknown Severity

Name: Reeves,Mark Dwayne                    DOB: 03-08-1959
Eyes: Black   Hair: Brown   Sex: Male   Race: American Indian/Alaskan Native   Ht: 70   Wt: 196.0
Address: 1109 ANDREW AVE    City: Salina    State: Kansas
Booking Date: 09-09-2012   Booking Time: 16:30:00     Block:  Cell:  Bed: 
Release Date:        Release Time:
Charges Description
Failure to appear
Failure to appear
Failure to appear Bond 3000.00

Name: Williams,Jessica Eilene                    DOB: 11-17-1982
Eyes: Green   Hair: Sandy   Sex: Female   Race: White   Ht: 68   Wt: 155.0
Address: HOMELESS    City: Assaria    State: Kansas
Booking Date: 09-09-2012   Booking Time: 12:30:00     Block:  Cell:  Bed: 
Release Date:        Release Time:
Charges Description
Probation Violation
Probation Violation


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